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2.12.1 is an exciting online game that is loved by many players now on your Android phone.
October 19, 2020
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Agario MOD APK: Simple yet insanely addictive multiplayer game Agario simulates the behavior of bacteria cells in a Petri dish.

About Agario MOD APK:

The name of the game comes from agar, The game’s task is to gobble up all other bacteria and everything edible in a confined space and grow in size so that no one can eat you.

But along the way, you can eat rivals if they are at least 10 percent smaller than you. While you are short, you can hide behind thorny green circles. If your pursuer touches a thorn, it will burst, and you can profit from its remnants. Cells can divide; they can throw out food to set up traps.

In Agario MOD APK, you will become a tiny coop that will pass in a vast world full of uncertainties and rivals. Your main task will be to consume small cells and get bigger but beware of partitions larger than yourself. Otherwise, you can become their dinner. Navigate the vibrant world and hold out for enough time to become the most considerable cell in the game. Develop your game tactics to dodge enemies as quickly as possible and avoid meeting them. Apply special bonuses and traps for a more exciting game.

The Agario MOD APK application for android unites players from all over the world in one game world. The game takes place only online. Every element of the game is a real player. The players’ main actions obey the basic principle of natural selection, namely, the fittest survive.

Why is it worth downloading Agario for android?

The performer begins his action with a tiny person, but in the future, eating other members who are smaller than you in size, you will obtain power and improve by leaps and bounds. In this case, it is necessary to select the victim carefully and be afraid of stronger players yourself. Otherwise, you may be absorbed in them—the gaming world surprises with its simplicity and beauty. To obtain the game much more attractive, the developers have joined special bonuses and tricks. Download Agario MOD APK for android for free entirely in English, but this does not prevent any user from understanding it. You can keep your microorganism’s surface and name yourself.

At first glimpse, the game will appear dull and noninteresting. But, entering the game world, you will understand that this is an exciting game with the need to develop your tactics not to be eaten by healthier cells. You can play this game together with friends, create common goals to make it harder for other players to defeat you.


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