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Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War is a new RPG with survival elements set in a traditional post-apocalyptic setting.
October 8, 2020
4.4 and up

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Dawn of Zombies Survival MOD APK: Is an apocalyptic survival simulator with dark 3D graphics and addictive gameplay.

About Dawn of Zombies Survival MOD APK:

After a nuclear explosion, the world turned into hell, teeming with hundreds of various monsters and mutants. But mutants are nothing, but what about the fact that, in addition to mutants, you will have to fight hunger, disease, radiation, and anomalies? Now Dawn of Zombies Survival MOD APK does not seem comfortable and primitive. There are only enemies around; even the rest of the survivors are not your friends. It is complicated to survive in a world full of dangers and enemies. But you can handle it! Just remember to arm yourself to the teeth.

By day, you are a confident stalker, with the coolest weapons, the best equipment, and whole-food and medicine supplies. But what will you do when night falls? At night, zombies and mutants, who do not want to say hello, will begin to burst from all corners. Time to create and strengthen your shelter, your fortress. In this case, it will become easier to go through all these misfortunes, and the soul will be calmer.

In Dawn of Zombies Survival MOD APK, A nuclear apocalypse has occurred globally, and those who are unlucky enough to survive have to survive in harsh conditions. A massive open-world awaits you in which you will have to look for food, materials for building your camp, and the essential weapon to protect it and not die from the first zombie!

Graphics and gameplay of Dawn of Zombies Survival MOD APK:

The remnants of humanity, including you, are fighting for their lives in the middle of a dark and dangerous world. Gather useful resources, create the necessary tools and items, find deadly weapons and vehicles, equip your bases, and repel the attacks of zombies and other evil spirits. In Dawn of Zombies Survival MOD APK, Get together with other players, and organize your gang and attack other players.

You will face an open, ruthless world where you and hundreds of other players will fight for survival from the first seconds. The sandbox with survival action elements will not let you relax for a minute – every lost game day in Dawn of Zombies Survival can be your last. To survive, you need to craft items, build buildings, fight using small arms and melee weapons, complete tasks from NPCs, and collect groups of survivors.

The graphics of the Dawn of Zombies Survival MOD APK are made with dark and cold colors, thanks to which the very atmosphere of doom is felt. Thanks to the gameplay, you will get absolute freedom, but remember that there are no laws in this world, so gather resources, find high-quality equipment and remember that a big hunt has already begun for your head. Gather your gang, because together it is always easier and forward – to conquer the unknown wastelands.

Dawn of Zombies Survival MOD APK features:

  • Beautiful and dark 3D graphics.
  • Intuitive gameplay.
  • Online play.
  • A considerable amount of weapons, vehicles, crafting recipes, and equipment.
  • The possibility of crafting and building.
  • Change of time of day and weather.
  • Exciting and mysterious artifacts.
  • The ability to repair equipment and weapons.
  • Possibility of alliances with other survivors and trade with them.
  • Fighting bosses.
  • There are a lot of unique locations.
  • Hardcore survival game on post-nuclear Earth.
  • Free online sandbox.
  • Massive PvP online battles between players.
  • Anomalous zones and artifacts.
  • Co-op game and survival in locations.
  • Raid on the dead.
  • Over 60 search NPCs, 12 units, and numbers of hunts.
  • Crafting, an advanced crafting system.
  • Development and protection of the online base.
  • Effective development of day – perform nighttime and daytime.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • Your opponents are real players.
  • A large number of tools, weapons, equipment.
  • Creation of your items.
  • Interesting gameplay.

Description of Dawn of Zombies Survival MOD:

  • Free exchange with merchants.

Following beginning the Dawn of Zombies Survival MOD, agree on the globe key at the tip left to begin the mod list with the following features:

  • Free craft  in the character menu  (clicking on the  Where to find?  Button will craft an item).
  • Free construction and improvement of buildings.
  • Maximum level – unlocks all crafting recipes.
  • Mobs don’t attack.
  • Mobs standstill.
  • Immortality (with the restoration of health).
  • Great damage.


What's new

  • Added a new event, locations, and items.
  • Bugs fixed.
  • Updated mod - fixed non-working immortality and significant damage.


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