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Day R is a text-based RPG in the best traditions of DayZ.
August 18, 2020
4.1 and up

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Day R Survival MOD APK: Is an exciting game in which you are offered to return to when the USSR still exists.

About Day R Survival MOD APK:

As a result of the war, the vast country turned into a lifeless desert. Only units with increased radiation resistance and great luck survived.War never changes. In just a few days, the vast, proud country turned into a scorched desert. Only a few survived with the will to live, innate immunity, and incredible luck.

In Day R Survival MOD APK, Life on earth has changed. The war has always been ruthless. In 1985, the USSR was crushed by an anonymous foe. The entire country converted into poisonous sand in several days. Now, terrible monsters that have undergone a mutation from colossal radiation roam the ruins of Soviet cities and look for someone to satisfy their hunger. And you survived by chance. In this game Day R Survival, Your fate and other life depend only on you. But get that the survivors are not characterized by responsiveness and kindness. All the survivors need is your food, water, and of course, weapons.

Features of Day R Survival MOD APK:

  • Hardcore survival.
  • Living world.
  • The ability to create things, many weapons, the passage of quests, allies, ammunition.
  • Mechanics, medicine, explosives, chemistry, cooking, driving, and more.
  • Online chat.
  • The ability to conduct a joint battle.
  • Most hardcore survival, even in sandbox mode – dozens of ways not planned to die.
  • Search for food, craft items, weapons, equipment.
  • Quests with sentimental stories for text quest lovers.

Stay tuned! New quests, locations, items sometimes appear several times a week!

Description of Day R Survival MOD:

  • No materials are needed to craft items.
  • Produced a collection with a vast amount of items and covers.
  • You can do buying with caps still if you don’t own sufficient of them.

Run the mod only with the Internet on! Otherwise, the store section will be empty. Don’t need mod features? Don’t use them.

What's new

  • Bugs fixed.
  • In the mod for the latest version of the game, there is an only free craft; you will not be able to buy with caps if you do not have them, and you will not be able to play a save with a lot of hats and items (it will not load from the previous version.


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