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The world was destroyed, the old life is gone, the economy is destroyed, and the main goal is to survive.
June 15, 2020
4.1 and up

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Dead Trigger MOD APK: A new action shooter about zombies on Android, from the creators of the SHADOWGUN game we know!

About Dead Trigger MOD APK:

Dynamic gameplay with beautiful special effects of shooting, explosions, bloody massacres of zombies, and fills your body with adrenaline. Playing as the main character, complete missions, and exterminate zombies on your way. To do this, in the arsenal of your hero, there are a lot of different weapons; you will buy them with the coins you earn for exterminating zombies.

Prehistory: The existence of modern civilization is coming to an end in 2012; money has lost its value because the global economy collapsed. In a panic, people began to hold rallies, storm government buildings, and lynch politicians. However, those who were the world’s rulers, a secret group of people, were ready for this turn of events and released a terrible virus. Most of the people died, and others turned into eternally hungry zombies! The remaining small group of people can only defend themselves and find the culprits of this atrocity.

Dead Trigger MOD APK is possibly the best free (but donated) first-person shooter game—excellent 3D graphics and gameplay. Several types of levels are available in the game (defense, survival, destruction of a certain number of zombies). Initially, you have weak weapons and no inventory. As you progress through the levels, you can buy new types of weapons, traps, automatic turrets, laser cannons, mines, etc.

Why is it worth downloading Bowmasters MOD APK for android?

The Dead Trigger MOD APK will tell the user how rich people filled their pockets, and ordinary people died from an unknown epidemic. Only people were not going to put up with this; they rebelled and decided to overthrow the current government, and in one way, destroy all the zombies. Few managed to survive; many turned into dangerous dead. The survivors formed groups and fought the undead and the government. Your character will be at the head of a resistance group; it will be necessary to cope with bloodthirsty monsters and restore society. The gameplay is intense and exciting. The dead can attack you at any moment, be prepared for the worst.

Features of Dead Trigger MOD APK:

  • Amazingly beautiful graphics with advanced special effects and lighting effects.
  • Full 3D characters and environments with colossal levels of detail.
  • Animations recorded with high-quality motion capture.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Over 40 hours of gameplay Multiple modes including a duel, bird hunting, apple shooting.
  • 30 characters available without donation.
  • 30+ weapons including bows, axes, swords, grenades, and more.
  • Various rewards and tons of fun.

What's new

  • Various improvements.
  • Bugs fixed.


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