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EMERGENCY is a series of games for smartphones in the genre of strategy, in which the player will have a difficult task of organizing the work of emergency service.
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February 16, 2021
5.0 and up

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Emergency HQ MOD APK – free rescue strategy game: A strategic simulator worked out to the smallest detail for android devices.

About Emergency HQ MOD APK:

Lead an entire department of the Rescue Service

Incredibly addicting, detailed, and addictive strategy with simulator elements that will give you hours of unforgettable pleasure, as well as a completely new gaming experience. In Emergency HQ MOD APK – a free rescue strategy game, you have a unique chance to take control of an entire rescue management department, which includes four rescue departments. Now your main job is to support and assist victims in emergencies.

Take the path of a hero

Lead doctors, engineers, police, and firefighters, complete exciting missions, and get valuable rewards in return. Raise your level and open your service base, and then assemble the best rescue team in the world! Emergency HQ MOD APK – free rescue strategy game features stunning 3D graphics, thoughtful and entertaining gameplay, as well as breathtaking missions that can be a real challenge for you.

Emergency HQ MOD APK is the continuation of a series of strategies in which you have to organize and manage an emergency service while using all available resources, police, firefighters, technical assistance. As you progress, you will complete all sorts of rescue missions, alone and forging alliances with other players. Separately, it is worth noting the detailed study of objects and heroes and cars, making the gameplay realistic. Without a development system, each building, unit, and technology unit will allow you to improve modules and pump capabilities.

You can download Emergency HQ MOD APK for Android in the Play Market. Call 911, and your main goal is to ensure the protection of the virtual city. The player is responsible for the police, firefighters, and technical services control their work’s correctness and use the necessary resources.

Why is it worth downloading EMERGENCY for android?

The Emergency HQ has a detailed city map with detailed buildings, heroes, cars, trees, etc., which makes the game interface bright and colorful. All items on the city map can be improved by pumping the abilities and capabilities of emergency services. The Emergency HQ supports an online mode where players can team up and create their alliances. The game also has several ways, according to which the player will develop his emergency service.

The Emergency HQ MOD APK contains 13 scenarios for developing the plot, from a plane crash to a meteorite fall. For the protection and safety of the town’s inhabitants, the game provides 18 types of various equipment, the main task of which is to eliminate the consequences of a disaster: helicopters, planes, ships, firefighters, police cars, ambulances, and much more. On the map of the game, all the places of occurrence of disasters are marked to eliminate which the ingenuity of the player is needed. Besides, EMERGENCY supports high-quality graphics and visual effects. Unlocking new levels and new equipment, saving residents and their homes are the main ways to develop your headquarters.


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