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Get the ultimate extreme jumping experience, and don't share it with anyone. Let it be your little but cool secret.
MotionVolt Games Ltd
February 15, 2021
4.4 and up

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Not many of us have tried jumping into the water. Well, those who have experienced this, the village can say that it was a very cool feeling. If you are still afraid to do it in reality, you need to download Flip Master MOD APK for android.

About Flip Master MOD APK:

You can transform from an ordinary amateur into a master of jumping from a trampoline, springboard, or bridge in Flip Master MOD APK. Go out into the yard and jump into the pool, or head to the gym and show that you’re the best. Is this not enough? Then go to the circus and try to jump high from a trampoline or even from trains. Your task is to become a real professional jumper.

Why is it worth downloading Flip Master for Android?

It will be interesting to do this because it uses excellent animation of movements and a perfect engine. Physics is close to the maximum level. That is why a player who has decided to download Flip Master MOD APK for Android will quickly realize that this is the best dynamic and very interesting game.

First of all, it is impressive how the developers have precisely tackled the reproduction of physics’s fundamental laws in this game. Make sure of this yourself after you can download Flip Master for android.

You can download Flip Master MOD APK for Android for free. After that, the game will prompt the user to independently choose the place where he would like to show his skills. Choose whether it will be your backyard or a fitness room. It will be especially interesting for a jumper to find himself in a circus with a fun trampoline and many jumps.

In Flip Master, As you progress through the tasks, different skills and new skills will be unlocked. They will make the gameplay even more fun. Customize your character’s appearance so that he looks like a real professional extreme jumper.


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