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An amazing survival game.
GameSpire Ltd.
April 2, 2020
4.1 and up

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Jurassic Survival Island MOD APK could be a free MMORPG survival game where you either hunt and survive or become prey in a very wild and inhospitable world.

About Jurassic Survival Island MOD APK:

Waking up in the shade of palm leaves on damp ground, you cannot remember how you got here. The only hope is to become stronger and more cunning than the lizards reigning on land untouched by civilization. You can only rely on yourself and your partners in a desperate struggle for existence, where a cold-blooded killer awaits behind every bush.

Jurassic Survival Island MOD APK – if you have already shot enough walking zombies or you are tired of looking for keys to bunkers, your attention is presented to a new survival game in which you will be food for dinosaurs. Whole hordes of living dinosaurs will try to devour you; your task is not to become dinner, and at the same time, try to get yourself something to eat! Many exciting missions for the extraction of Tyrannosaurus eggs, running long distances from these same Tyrannosaurs, crafting items, leveling up, and much more!

Jurassic Survival Island’s Hunter Notes:

  • In Jurassic Survival Island, Predators are everywhere! Use all your knowledge against dinosaurs and wildlife. Remember, the hunter doesn’t ask the prey for permission.
  • Your home is your fortress. Rely on your shelter and deadly weapons to survive all hardships and hardships: build muscular walls, set traps, create more effective hunting equipment.
  • Open up new vistas for exploration! You have yet to find out what monstrous secrets are hidden in the mangrove jungle. It remains only to move forward in Jurassic Survival Island!
  • Join gangs (clans) Dinosaurs unite in flocks to hunt. Follow their example and find out who will remain outside the natural selection line.
  • Study the habits of predators. It is much easier to deal with the enemy knowing his habits.
  • Moreover in Jurassic Survival Island MOD APK, Do not give up! Be prepared to face challenges. Loss of limewater, fruit, and freezing will not give a fortune in the brutal world of natural origins.

However in Jurassic Survival Island MOD APK, Do not forget! Every step you take has consequences, and a wrong decision can lead to fatal consequences. Trust, but with caution! Yesterday a neighbor shared his food with you, and today he will throw it to be eaten by a flock of raptors to get away with his own feet.


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