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Choose your hero from the characters presented in the game and give him a unique appearance and abilities.
Vespa Inc.
October 14, 2020
4.4 and up

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Kings Raid MOD APK: Take part in a battle taking place in real-time and gather your invincible raiders team.

About Kings Raid MOD APK:

Embark on a journey where you have to fight strong opponents and defeat them. Up to nine people can simultaneously play this game and complete various tasks to fight bosses, arrange raids, challenge rivals, or defeat the world boss. In Kings Raid MOD APK, Apply your skills and abilities in battle, which will pave the way for you to victory. Mix many professions and attain the climax of power. Take part in the final battle and defeat all rivals.

Beautiful 3D characters that look exactly like the illustrations. No lottery! Choose and get the names you like. Improve the appearance of your characters! Develop them through awakening and excellence! Personalize your characters with unique costumes!

Over 70 unique heroes:

This vibrant role-playing game Kings Raid MOD APK will delight you with various charismatic characters with unique looks, divided into seven classes. Immerse yourself in this incredibly colorful and captivating fantasy world filled with demons, angels, dragons, and humans.

Get unique equipment for your hero, and also change his appearance as you like. Choose from hundreds of stunning outfits and make your character stand out from other players. Join one of the guilds, enlist the support of its members, help develop your clan, and get a significant advantage over single players.

Incredible raids and dynamic battles:

In Kings Raid MOD APK, Get powerful weapons for your character, send them on epic raids on deadly bosses, take part in dynamic PvP battles with other players, and try out unique modes for guilds. Go through incredible campaign levels, crush giant monsters, and have a great free time with an addictive game.

Explore this endless fantasy world, travel to different locations, and fight fierce battles. You will find colorful and high-quality graphics, addictive gameplay, many interesting characters in a fantasy style, as well as comfortable controls.

Global World Boss and Guild Conquest Update in Kings Raid MOD APK:

  • Legacy of the ancient technomagic kingdom Mountain Fortress.
  • Ruler of the Sunken Kingdom of Profile.
  • Sacred Beast of Absolute Zero Tirpas.
  • Pillars of Wrath Lacrail.
  • Underworld Executioner Velkazar.
  • Defeat giant bosses and become the greatest warrior in the world!

Dynamic battles in Kings Raid MOD APK against other players in real-time:

  • Create your teams of heroes and win your place in the ranking of fighting against each player!

Unique raids of the game Kings Raid MOD APK:

  • Fight together with guild members in guild raids!
  • Team up with other players to loot legendary gear in dragon raids!
  • Enjoy the updated continuously challenge attacks!

Guild Events: Strength in Unity!

  • Help the guild develop and become stronger yourself!
  • Participate in various guild events such as Guild Conquests and Guild Raids.
  • Expand your guild territory and make it even healthier!


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