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Try what it was like for the cowboys to survive in the Wild West.
Helio Games
January 29, 2021
6.0 and up

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Westland Survival MOD APK: A multiplayer game in western style.

About Westland Survival MOD APK:

It is a challenging but romantic time for America’s development when thousands of seekers of fortune poured into the lands where the Indians lived for centuries. The once peaceful country is now filled with adventurers, and few of them are friendly.

But in this world, where mail trains are robbed, and buffalo hunted, one can survive and even thrive. To do this, it is necessary to be an accurate and fast shooter. And you also need to build a ranch, collect resources, explore new territories, maintain communication with the indigenous inhabitants of America, and fight off gangster attacks in Westland Survival. Good luck! It will be useful to you.

If you are tired of zombies and post-apocalypse, if you are bored of wandering around the wastelands with a dog and searching trash cans if monsters and looters dream of you in illusions – Westland Survival will become a careful land for you. It’s the equivalent standard style with durability RPG components and multiplayer. The main difference is the Wild West setting, which is so colorful and interestingly played with in-game events of Westland Survival APK that many story games will envy.

Description of Westland Survival MOD:

  • Free crafting (crafting is possible even if you don’t have enough materials).
  • Infinite item durability.
  • You can share single items.
  • You can buy things in the store for gold, even if there is not enough gold.
  • All blueprints are unlocked.
  • All methods are free for crafting, and even the that are not obtained (although of the character’s level).
  • Some VIP opportunities are open.
  • Immediate release of available things in the store (out viewing advertisements, except for plans).
  • In Westland Survival MOD APK, After beginning the play, click on the ring switch at the head left to start the mod table with the next points:
  1. Dividing items increase their number.
  2. Instant movement on foot across the global map (events do not appear without wasting energy).
  3. Immortality.
  4. Great damage.
  5. Fast walk.
  6. Everyone, except the player, stands still.

Westland Survival MOD APK Features:

  • Building your ranch, unlike anything else.
  • Selection of weapons needed to protect against bandits.
  • Wood, ore, skins for personal needs must be mined by yourself.
  • Equipment and household items must be made independently.
  • Taming wild animals is an essential part of survival.
  • A large number of locations and quests.


What's new

  • Bugs fixed.
  • Improved "Bounty Hunting".


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