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You can decorate, complement, and swap existing parts. You can even destroy the described world and create a new one.
Maxim Karpenko
December 22, 2020
5.0 and up

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Worldbox MOD APK: With the help of the WorldBox ¬†each user can try on God’s role.

About Worldbox MOD APK:

It’s important to note that even destruction can be made bright and exciting. Will it be an atomic bomb? Or maybe acid rain will ruin the world? It’s up to you to choose! The destruction method can be absolutely any. You can also add various mythical and legendary creatures, create real animals, change landscapes, and ultimately control the game world.

Thanks to Worldbox MOD APK, your phone will have a unique DIY world. You can establish laws and orders, as well as follow how it develops. At the same time, you can make your adjustments and experiment with various things during the game. All offers will be visible at the bottom of the screen. For users’ convenience, bright pixel graphics, convenient controls, and exciting gameplay have been prepared.

Together with this game Worldbox MOD APK, everyone will reveal their most profound creativity, show creativity, and become a true God for their world. The new version contains a package of fixes, new icons for height and width in the world generator, and interesting tweaks for animation.

Worldbox MOD APK is a minimalistic simulator for android, where you will act like a god, controlling your pixel world. In Worldbox, you can apply your perfect skills and create various people, objects, and animals. Create a life on your planet and watch it flourish and develop. You can also change your attitude towards the earth and destroy it by sending acid rains to the world and detonating atomic bombs. Experiment with the planet and apply various forces to it.


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